Herbert Richter 22010501 Smartphone Holder Βάση κινητού αυτοκινήτου

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Βάση κινητού αυτοκινήτου RICHTER 22010501

The ultra strong and quick to install suction mount for smartphones (for example, Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6) and phones ensures a secure fit of your smartphone while driving. Other application examples: On PC (painted), kitchen, bathroom, toilet, glass table / coffee table, treadmill, rowing machine, exercise equipment Smartphone Holder for devices with width 42-78 mm Flexibly adjustable gooseneck (unique setting) Ultra strong hold on the windscreen thanks to quality sucker "Made in Germany" Sleek and lightweight design Pad diameter 70 mm, length 136 mm, length 110 mm SW, Ø 6 mm aluminum wire Simple & quick release of the smartphone push of a button Free Controls by movable bridges and rotating the holder 180 ° Foam rubber protects the device from scratches Perfect & safe grip with cross-site baking Quick and easy installation by suction attachment

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