MOTUL Inugel G13 -37°C 1lt

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Εφαρμογή: Ψυκτικά Υγρά και Αντιψυκτικά
Ομάδα Προϊόντων: Αυτοκίνητο, Κηπουρική, Οχήματα Aλλων Τύπων
Εγκρίσεις Κατασκευαστών : VW TL 774 J (G13)
Lobrid Technology. Protection (-37°C / -35°F). Ready to use coolant developed to meet the requirements of G13 standard (TL VW 774J) recommended by the VAG group. Compatible with coolants that meet the former specifications: G12, G12+ and G12++. Protection against freezing, corrosion, and scale. Optimum protection of aluminum at high temperatures.

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