Motul Fuel system clean 300ml

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Superior engine output. Cleaner specially designed for the fuel systems of gasoline engines. Reinforced action on valves, carburettors, injectors and combustion chambers.
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Less Polluting Engine
A less polluting engine
The secrets of a healthy, less polluting engine
An engine in excellent health depends above all on impeccably clean mechanical parts especially in the feed system which allows it to work properly. All the performances depend on this: consumption, power and a smooth driving experience. Feed systems naturally become dirty through the effects of internal combustion and also because of petrol which contains more or less water and therefore increases exhaust pollutant (sometimes higher than the accepted level to pass the technical control).
To solve this problem, Motul has developed the Fuel System Clean cleaner, very easy to use in the petrol tank of all cars with a carburettor or injection, whether they have a catalytic converter or not. For Diesel vehicles, Diesel System Clean cleaner has been specifically formulated but works exactly the same way.
Before filling up, simply pour a dose of Fuel System Clean or Diesel System Clean into your tank so that the product dilutes perfectly. By simply driving your car you’ll then effectively eliminate the varnishes that have built up in the injectors or carburettors as well as the oil carbon on intake valves and combustion chambers.
The product eliminates condensation in all the feed circuit while its highly active lubricating elements protect all the circuit. It should also be noted that Diesel System Clean is also particularly effective against soot and resins which cause needles and injectors to stick.
Using Fuel or Diesel System Clean is very beneficial for an engine. Better fed, it runs smoothly while offering better performances. The improvement in combustion is also noticeable because of the considerable reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust pollutants. Last, regular use of Fuel or Diesel System Clean (every 5 to 10 fill-ups) increases the reliability of the feed circuit and especially that of the injection system and therefore of all the mechanical parts.
If your engine is very dirty, make two consecutive treatments, but do not double the dose in one go.
While Motul Fuel and Diesel System Clean cleaners are very effective, you must suitably maintain the mechanical parts by regularly changing the air and petrol filters and the spark plugs.

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