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Ignitability That's a Cut Above With DENSO's very own U-Groove ground electrode for better spark performance To increase ignitability, the important point is to let the flame kernel caused by the spark to grow to a large size. Normally, this can be accomplishing by widening the spark gap, however this causes spark voltage to increase, which has the opposite effect. IRIDIUM POWER uses DENSO very own U-Groove ground electrode to realize a superb ignitability while maintaining spark voltage at low levels. Improved Horse Power(1) Get more power with an optimal combustion cycle. IRIDIUM POWER has a low required voltage and a high ignitability, resulting in less misfiring and no spark, the outcome being a dramatic improvement in combustion. Engine output is thus increased. The findings of a bench test using a motorcycle engine to show the improved combustion from IRIDIUM POWER is shown on the below. Compared to normal plugs, a 0.5ps (1.4%) improvement is seen in output at 110km/h. Improved Acceleration Increased response and acceleration performance. IRIDIUM POWER best demonstrates its performance improvement during acceleration.IRIDIUM POWER has a 0.4 mm diameter iridium center electrode and a specially shaped ground electrode. These features combine to achieve higher ignitability and require lower spark voltage than ever before. This enables high-response driving with fewer misfires than under higher required voltage spark conditions, and fewer misfires when ignitability is difficult. As a result, acceleration improves in comparison with normal plugs. Improved Horse Power(2) The 0.4mm center electrode increases output under various driving conditions. The power produced by the 0.4mm dia. iridium center electrode is IRIDIUM POWER unmatched by other plugs. The graph below compares the resulting power when IRIDIUM POWER is installed compared to other high performance plugs. Using a 0.4mm dia. fine center electrode, there is more power compared to 0.8mm and 2.5mm dia. plugs. This is what makes the difference in acceleration and in your lap time. Improved Fuel Mileage Even during idling ignition is assured, with less fuel consumption and less noise. The good ignitability from the fine electrode (0.4mm) of IRIDIUM POWER draws out much more performance from the engine. Comparing a normal plug (W20FS-U) with an IRIDIUM POWER(IWF22) on a 2 cycle 50cc engine, fuel consumption improved from 41.74km/L -> 43.69km/L, an improvement of about 5%. Note: Mileage measured using a chassis dynamo; actual driving results under normal conditions may vary. The Secret behind DENSO's Iridium Patent! Plug electrodes conventionally have used nickel and platinum. These were not pure metals, but alloys containing other metals. Depending on the composition of the alloy, the matrix material's properties can be maximized. Using the same approach, iridium is alloyed with rhodium. The rhodium layer covers the iridium, improving the properties of the iridium. This iridium/rhodium technology was recognized by the Patent Offices of Japan and the UK, and in January 1999, a patent was granted in each respective country. (Patent Number - Japan: 2877035, UK: 2302367). Because DENSO had this patented technology, DENSO was able to make dia. of the iridium down to 0.4mm. The most important things for plug performance are ignitability and sparkability. To make the electrode as fine as possible is the goal of spark plug manufacturers worldwide, and DENSO has taken the lead, succeeding the commercializing the 0.4mm dia. center electrode plug. A Pattern from Spark to Ignition. Electrodes have a quenching (cooling) affect (where the heat of the ignited flame kernel is taken away by the electrode). This cooling affect is greater with larger electrodes, sometimes causing the ignition to stop short of the stage in Figure 4. To improve ignitability, the contact area between the electrode and the flame kernel must be reduced. Improved ignitability is why IRIDIUM POWER electrodes have been made fine as possible. Πληροφορίες Ανταλακτικού IK22 Βάρος [g] 43 Διαστάσεις σπειρώματος 1 19 Διάμετρος [mm] 14 Μπουζί 1-ηλεκτρόδιο γείωσης Ροπή σύσφιγξης [Nm] 22 Άνοιγμα κλειδιού 16 Πληροφορίες OE TECDOC PART NUMBER OE ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΑΣΤΗΣ ΟΧΗΜΑΤΟΣ IK22 99917022390 PORSCHE IK22 UEM78911 ROLLS-ROYCE IK22 88032415 IVECO IK22 SAB330DE8430 SUBARU IK22 SAB330DE3450 SUBARU IK22 7701414066 RENAULT IK22 7700500216 RENAULT IK22 BY481-BKR7E NISSAN IK22 22401-WD517 NISSAN IK22 MZ602081 MITSUBISHI IK22 MZ602022 MITSUBISHI IK22 MS851872 MITSUBISHI IK22 MS851783 MITSUBISHI IK22 SAB33NG5708 SUBARU IK22 7701414056 RENAULT IK22 MD320543 MITSUBISHI IK22 504082651 IVECO IK22 98079-5785C HONDA IK22 5099827 FORD IK22 5099780 FORD IK22 5099725 FORD IK22 7571579 FIAT IK22 7571564 FIAT IK22 NDIK22A DAIHATSU IK22 NDIK22 DAIHATSU IK22 99906-910X9030 DAIHATSU IK22 12127556979 BMW IK22 12120031708 BMW IK22 MD319586 MITSUBISHI IK22 101000045AA VW IK22 271175 SUZUKI IK22 101905621 VW IK22 101000035AE VW IK22 101000031AB VW IK22 9135871 VOLVO IK22 8670059 VOLVO IK22 8670058 VOLVO IK22 30637308 VOLVO IK22 MD314766 MITSUBISHI IK22 2723138 VOLVO IK22 2717668 VOLVO IK22 271758 VOLVO IK22 4DA36-M07 SUZUKI IK22 101905640 VW
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