Autoglym καθαριστικό κινητήρα -ζαντών-πλαστικών Engine & Machine Cleaner 1lt EC001

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Autoglym καθαριστικό κινητήρα -ζαντών-πλαστικών Engine & Machine Cleaner 1lt

Autoglym Εngine & Machine Cleaner είναι ένα ισχυρό, μη διαβρωτικό καθαριστικό για τους κινητήρες, τα, τους τροχους και εργαλεία.
Διαλύει γρήγορα όλους τους τύπους λαδιών, γράσο, βρωμιά από κινητήρες αυτοκινήτων,μοτοσικλετών,ζάντες,σασί & εργαλεία.
Ψεκάστε σε κρύες επιφάνειες και για δύσκολες βρωμιές βουρτσίστε ή σουγγαρίστε.
Ξεπλύνετε καλά.Μην αφήνετε το προϊον να ξεραθεί.

Engines are the beating heart at the centre of your car and yet they are often the most neglected area. Cleaning your engine is a lot easier than you might think, especially with Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner. This water-based formula rapidly dissolves oil, grease and grime leaving you with an engine to be proud of. Pro Tip: Follow with Vinyl & Rubber Care to dress your engine bay with a satin sheen How to use this product Always work on a cold engine. Protect vulnerable items with plastic film or waterproof tape. Test a small area before using on plated metals and avoid application to highly polished alloy finishes. Apply generously and use a brush to agitate surfaces. Hose off from the lower areas up to reveal the clean and sparkling finish. Do not allow product to dry. Avoid flooding air intakes, sensitive electrical components and using a pressure wash. After cleaning, spray the wet surfaces with Vinyl & Rubber Care, and allow it to dry. This leaves all your plastic and rubber looking like new.

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