Armor All Wheel cleaner δυνατό καθαριστικό ζαντών 500ml 34500 MADE IN U.K.

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Δυνατό καθαριστικό Ζαντών. Αφαιρεί δύσκολες βρωμιές, Πίσσα και τη σκόνη των φρένων. Κρατάει τις ζάντες πάντα γυαλισμένες. Είναι γρήγορο και αποτελεσματικό - Δρά σε 30 δευτερόλεπτα! Οδηγίες χρήσης: Καθαρίστε και ξεπλύντε τις ζάντες μία-μία. 1. Ψεκάστε αρκετό υλικό Armor All Wheel Cleaner. 2. Περιμένετε 30 δευτερόλεπτα. 3. Τρίψτε τους επίμονους λεκέδες με μια βούρτσα ή ένα πανί. 4. Ξεπλύντε τη ζάντα άμεσα. WHEEL CLEANER An easy way to keep your wheels looking clean and new. A clean set of wheels can make your tyres look amazing, but keeping your wheels clean can be hard to keep up with. Between dirt, road debris and brake dust your wheels are under constant assault every time you drive down the road. To top it off, as your wheels heat up from braking this grime can bake right onto the wheel. An easy way to handle a situation like this one is to use Armor All Wheel Cleaner - it’s powerful enough to clean even the dirtiest wheels but gentle and safe enough to be used on all factory and aftermarket finishes. Easy to use, fast and effective Leaves wheels beautifully clean and shiny Has specially formulated deep cleansing agents which will penetrate into hard-to-reach areas, dislodging stubborn dirt, grease, tar and brake dust Safe and can be used on all types of wheel covers and hubcaps including alloy, steel, and chrome as well as plastic wheel trims TIPS & TRICKS Cleaning wheels with Armor All Wheel Cleaner will be a lot more effective and faster when used in conjunction with Armor All Shield Brake Dust Repellent. The powerful product prevents brake dust, dirt and road grime from sticking to your wheels and also makes cleaning wheels easier next time. USAGE DIRECTIONS Spray onto a cool, dry wheel. Allow to soak for 60 seconds. Loosen dirt with a cloth or soft bristle brush. Rinse wheel immediately. ATTENTION Do not use on wheels that are warm to the touch. Before use, test on an inconspicuous area. If hazing or spots appear, discontinue use. Do not apply to brake parts or other zinc and cadmium-plated surfaces. Prior to use on motorcycles or uncoated polished aluminium, check with manufacturer. FOR BEST RESULTS For a showroom finish, dry with a soft, dry cloth or chamois to prevent water spots.

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