3M™ Καθαριστικό Τροχών & Ελαστικών wheel&tyre cleaner 473ml

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3M™ Καθαριστικό Τροχών & Ελαστικών wheel&tyre cleaner 473ml
Σε ένα βήμα, ψεκάστε και καθαρίστε γρήγορα τους τροχούς και τα ελαστικά.
Αφαιρεί σε βάθος τις βρωμιές από τα φρένα, τα διάφορα λιπαντικά και τα έλαια.
Καθαρίζει αποτελεσματικά τα πλαινά των ελαστικών.
Αφήνει καθαρές τις επιφάνειες των ζαντών και των ελαστικών.
Ασφαλές και στις βερνικωμένες ζάντες.
Features and Benefits:
Removes brake dust, tar, grease and grime
Provides a great finish without being too aggressive
Simple spray on, wipe off application
Cleans the toughest scuffs and soil from tyre sidewalls
Safe for use on clear coated wheels
Product Usage details
Manufacturer’s safety data sheet
Restore a showroom finish to your wheels in one easy step! This water-based degreaser has been formulated especially for wheels and tyres and will safely clean even the toughest of dirt and grime. As well as removing brake dust, tar and grease, it eliminates stubborn scuffs and marks from tyre sidewalls to leave wheels with a brilliant shine and looking as good as new.
Without being too aggressive, 3M Wheel and Tyre Cleaner provides a great finish with a simple spray on, wipe off application that is incredibly easy to use. For best results, use with 3M Tyre Restorer to restore a natural, deep black colour.
This product is the ultimate accessory for any car restoration kit and, with regular 5 star reviews, comes highly recommended by automotive professionals and customers who use it at home. Its easy-to-use formula and fresh scent make tyre cleaning a joy; outstanding results mean that our customers come back to it time and again.
3M Wheel and Tyre Cleaner is safe for use on clear-coated wheels but as with all products, we recommend that you test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure that no hazing occurs.
Step by Step
1. Spray cleaner uniformly over entire wheel and tyre area
2. Clean wheels and hubcaps with a sponge, a soft cloth or a small soft brush. Scrub tyre with a stiff bristle brush if necessary
3. Rinse thoroughly with a water spray

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