3M 39034 Quick Wax Spray Detailer 473ml

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Ένα εξαιρετικό προϊόν για το γρήγορο φινίρισμα και κέρωμα των εξωτερικών επιφανειών.
Μπορείτε να φρεσκάρετε όλο το όχημά σας σε λίγα λεπτά.
Χρησιμοποιήστε το σε στεγνές ή απλά βρεγμένες επιφάνειες.
Δίνει υψηλή γυαλάδα και λαμπερό φινίρισμα μετά το πλύσιμο.
Περιέχει κερί προστασίας Carnauba.
For fast detailing of exterior surfaces
Recaptures the ‘just waxed’ look in minutes
Contains carnauba wax for added protection
Can be applied wet or dry
Product usage details
Manufacturer’s safety data sheet
This super-quick car wax spray helps you recreate that ultimate high gloss, ‘just waxed’ finish in a matter of minutes. The spray on, wipe off formula contains carnauba wax for added protection and delivers a perfect, streak-free finish – even on darker colours. Ideal for quick detailing on exterior surfaces, 3M Quick Wax can also be used to treat an entire vehicle after cleaning. Whether you are carrying out a quick touch-up or a complete wash and dry, it will leave your vehicle looking as good as new.
For ease of use, 3M Quick Wax can be applied directly onto wet surfaces and wiped to a high gloss with a 3M Microfibre Detailing Cloth. An excellent drying aid, it will leave paintwork slick and glossy and enable good water beading.
For best results, use in conjunction with other products and cloths in the 3M Car Care Range. Do not apply in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.
3M Quick Wax makes completing those final touches a joy; the outstanding results will keep you coming back for more.
Step by Step
1. Wash vehicle with 3M™ Car Wash Soap. Skip drying. No need to chamois the car
2. Shake well before using. Apply the wax as above and then buff to a shine with a clean, dry, 3M™ Microfibre Detail Cloth or soft, cotton terry cloth towel.
3. Buff to a high shine with a clean dry area of the cloth. Complete one panel at a time.


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